Large Decorative Gift Boxes

Large decorative gift boxes are incredible investments as well as options if you are thinking of a special present to give to someone very special. The size could actually vary from large to really humungous pieces depending on the item you are going to put into it. There are those who want to create their own artistic boxes while others prefer to buy ready to use items. Whether you are into DIY projects or purchasing the item, there are tons of sources to help you get started.

Online sources and suppliers offer a wide assortment of gift boxes with decorative style and extremely creative finishes. Thus you could find the perfect match for what you are looking for. There are different colors and tones, designs and style for your box and it could also vary in terms of the materials you use. The best thing about contemporary decorative storage boxes is that these collections are very chic and stylish as well as durable and long-lasting.

It actually depends on the type of collection you want to invest on. For instance, there are matte colored boxes which are designed with natural Kraft tones while others have metallic, matte and glossy finishes. You could choose a single piece of box or several stacks of it in several orders from the smallest box at the tip to the largest at the bottom. You also get to choose from a wide assortment of colors and tones from gold and silver collections for special occasions. You could also find more vibrant and brighter shades of red, blue, purple, orange, light blue and green among others.

Large decorative boxes could also be customized to match your palette and style. There are also bulk orders on boxes if you want to start your own home business. Retail prices could start from as low as $95 to much costlier packages depending on the quantity.

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Using Decorative Storage Boxes To Organize Your Room

Rooms can quickly become disorganized and filled with clutter. You do not want to throw anything away, but it is making your room into a mess. The best solution is to organize everything. Get e few cardboard boxes and store away items that you will not be needing at the moment. While plain cardboard boxes will suffice for most items, it will be nice to have a few decorative storage boxes for more personal belongings.

Decorative storage boxes come in all shapes, sizes and designs. The designs come in all varieties. Most have some sort of pattern or floral design. You can pick out one with a design that matches your preference. Some of them also come with a lockable lid. These are great for items that you do not want others to have access to, such as a diary. This is an excellent way to keep younger siblings from snooping into your personal affairs. They are great storage units for stuff like jewelry and other little trinkets you do not want to lose. For children, they can use them to separate their favorite toys from the rest.

These containers can also be used to store a gift. Items like clothing or a hat normally does not come in a box of its own. You can use these pretty decorative boxes to store these gifts. They will look lovely as you present them to the recipient. It not only serves as a gift box, but also doubles as an additional gift that the recipient can reuse.

I happen to own a few of these decorative boxes myself and have a positive experience with them. They are a great way for me to organize my room and store items that have a more sentimental value. I use one box to store photos. I also use one to store old academic papers and awards and another one to store my children’s kindergarten artwork. I even keep a few bigger ones for larger items like old clothing.

With the designs and quality these decorative storage boxes come in, they are fitting for belongings that deserve a better storage space. I recommend them for any homes that could benefit from a little organization. With these boxes, you can separate the more precious belongings with those that could be stored in a plain cardboard box. If I found such a wide range of use for them, then so can any other home owner.

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Decorative Storage Box Can Be A Heirloom

When I was a kid, I remember following my grandmother up into her attic and would love the opportunity to look through her vast treasures. She’d pull out a decorative storage box and from inside she’d reveal some old pictures or cutouts she’d made over the years. They’d all be yellowed or faded and showed their age but I’d marvel at the sight of her ancient things and always asked if I could someday keep her decorative storage box. She’s smile and look at me and give me a big hug and tell me that someday this would all be mine and I could do what I wanted with it.
My experience with pretty decorative storage containers with my grandmother made me grow up and begin to collect and create my own collection. I learned about what makes the best kind of storage containers and found that the kind that are laminated or covered in a waxy or protective film endure the longest and provide the best protection. Stay away from torn or thinly covered boxes, they won’t hold up after years of usage. Instead look for either plastic or protected covers.
I learned that in order to make a decorative storage box of my own, I could go about it in a few different ways. My grandmother’s were made of clippings, pictures and other decorative designs that she cut out from newspapers, magazines and books too. She pasted these on her box, covering every inch of the box so that the original color of the box was not even visible. The lid was covered in this manner and so was the body. Then she would either paint several clear coats of lacquer or shellac or in some cases covered it with clear tape. The idea was to protect and seal the decorations directly onto the box.
My decorative boxes are a collection of both store-bought boxes which I decorated myself using pictures and clipart and coated with several coats of polyurethane to seal the pictures and harden the boxes. The lids are easily removable and inside I keep things that don’t necessarily need to be air-tight sealed but can remain inside for years. I’ve stored pictures and scrapbooks that I collected while I was in college. I stored some of my grandmother’s items that I always cherished and put those inside my new decorative boxes and plan to someday share them with my little girl the same way that my grandmother did with me.

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Various Uses For A Decorative Box With Lid

Whenever I need to store items in my house, I do not look for those old boring cardboard boxes. I look for a decorative box with lid so that I can store my items and still add to the aesthetics of the room. I have used these as a method of storage in my home and office, used them to pack stuff when traveling and given them away as gifts to my friends and family too. You can use these boxes in any kind of room. It does not matter whether you are packing away your tools in the garage or placing it on the mantel to store some fancy item or even storing cigars in your office, you will always find one that suits your purpose. The reason that they have become so popular is that they make the room look neat and show a sense of style too.

Decorative boxes with lids come in a variety of materials. I always make my choice according to the purpose that I want to put it to. If you want to place one in the bathroom, then you may look for one made of wicker or bamboo. If you want one as a centerpiece on your office desk them you should go for one made of embossed leather. There are others made of polished wood, etc that you can put to any use. They come in various sizes too and you should think about the purpose that you are putting it to. Choose a small one for storing your jewelry, etc and a large one for putting away extra linen. These lids can be hinged to the rest of the box, or they may slide across or they may come off the top completely.

The decorations will also depend on the material that they are made from. Those made of wood have decorations etched into the surface, those made of wicker may have beads etc. There are exotic ones from the Far-East and Asia that are more ornately decorated but also just as expensive. These are perfect for the office setting or as a piece in your living room. You can get pretty boxes with lids at various sites online. There you will be able to view various designs, colors and materials. You will also get them at bargain prices and you may also look for them at antique stores and online auctions.

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Practicality And Orderliness With Decorative Storage Boxes

Whenever I work in the office or at home, I always make sure that my stuff are organized properly. In order to do that, I use a large decorative storage box. I find it very helpful when it comes to my productivity. It helps me think clearly when I see my surroundings clean and in good order. These products have practical and aesthetic purposes. They can truly make a huge difference if you try them as well. I would like to share with you some questions and answers related to this product.

What makes a large storage box useful?

Since there are plenty of old toys, jewelry, and other valuable objects in my house, I choose a kind of item if I want to put them in one place. Doing this has greatly removed all the clutter inside the house. It relieves me from constantly rearranging things. I believe there are other uses of this product as well especially if you have so many objects in your office and they are not always needed. I usually store them in a beautiful box just to avoid unnecessary clutter.

What are the benefits of using big storage boxes?

Aside from its practical benefits, these great items can be used as home or office decors. I just love the natural appeal of wood boxes. I suggest you choose what material suits you best. There are many kinds of materials used in making these items such as metal, leather, and wood so just pick what you love best. Use them not only to store valuables but also to improve the appearance of your room or office.

What are the differences between an ordinary and a large storage box?

In my experience, using an ordinary type tends to be very boring. I also realized that it is more helpful to use the big ones because it can store a lot of things. I also think it is not a good idea if you use a small one. That is because they tend to occupy a lot of space later on when you keep on purchasing a lot of small pretty storage boxes. Thus, I prefer the big ones since I can store almost everything in one location without consuming a lot of space in my room and office. You might want to try them as well by browsing online stores that sell large decorative storage boxes.

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Fun Ways To Use Decorative Boxes

I constantly find myself in the midst of clutter whether in my head, my life or my surroundings. And while it will take me a while to organize my thoughts and life, why not start with my surroundings? If you’re a little messy like me and need to get things in place, start with this. Take stock of all the clutter around. Divide them into two piles of things you need and those you can live without. Once that’s out of the way, you can finally get down to sorting the items into different piles, e.g. Jewelry, bags, belts, books, makeup, etc.

I love pretty things around me. The more aesthetically pleasing, the more I feel good about myself. So, one way to store all my stuff away is by using decorative boxes with lids. Not only will these perk up my room but also help keep my belongings in a neat and organized manner. You will also find those without lids which make for great magazine holders and any other items you feel could do with that particular storage facility.

By now you have a pretty good idea as to what and how you’d want to combine functionality as well as decor. Before heading to the store, decide on the different box sizes you will need, what color scheme to match your room, and the patterns which will fit in with the style you wish to create. There will be two choices for you – ready-made variety and the plain ones where you can go wild in decorating. But, instead of spending money buying the boxes, how about transforming those old hat boxes or cartons into a piece of art? They can become your very own DIY project.

After you store away your belongings, look for the best place you stack the boxes. A dull, lifeless corner won’t look so dreary anymore with the colorful boxes to brighten up the empty space. And it needn’t be just your home which will benefit from the storage ideas. Your office could do with some livening up to take away the boredom. Place a few small decorative boxes without lids on your desk to hold pens and other stationery items. Larger boxes can be used to hold files and books.

So there you have it. No more tearing through all your stuff trying to locate that favorite piece of jewelry or bag. And in some way, you may also have organized part of your life in the bargain.

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Pretty Storage Boxes With Lids For Any Pupose

I am a person who loves pretty items and love to but functional and attractive storage boxes in which to store them in. When I want to keep something in one of these boxes I look for pretty storage boxes with lids that I can keep at the office or at home where they would not look odd but add to the decor of the room. They come is various sizes and can be fitted into any size of room.

When looking for one for the office, I look for one that says that I have style. This means that I look for those made of leather, polished wood or bamboo. These add a sense of professionalism and organization to your office. Your clients will most probably be impressed by your sense of style making them warm up to you instantly. You should place them in plain view on your desk. These should be small and unique so that they do not stick out and they should be of conservative colors.

When looking for pretty storage boxes with lids for my home I go with the feel of the room. If I want it for the bathroom, then it has to fit the room appropriately. This will also depend on the purpose. If you are looking for those that you can use to store some cosmetics in your bedroom, then they should express your personal taste and character. This is a room that only you and your spouse enter and it should be a personal item for both of you.

Pretty storage boxes with lids are available for every room in your house. You can get them in various shapes that will suit whatever room and purpose that you intend them for. You can have trunk shaped ones for extra linen in the bedroom, uniquely designed ones for your cigars in the den, wooden ones for just about any use in the kitchen, etc. These are ideal for making use of space that would otherwise be left empty and they store items that would make the room look untidy and cluttered. Apart from storing items that would otherwise be in the way, they can be used to store valuable items and keep them away from theft or damage. They can also be used to preserve items that have sentimental value to you. I give you this information so that you can get one that will suit your needs.

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Large Decorative Storage Boxes For Home Organizing

When it comes to home organization, there is so much more than having large storage spaces such as closets and rooms to put things in. In fact, since majority of modern homes have very limited space, people have to resort to clever creativity in order to fit everything in a small area. I myself had to live in a cluttered apartment for a very long time until I realized that I do not have to live like that at all. Since I cannot expand my home space or build more closets, I decided I will deal with the clutter problem the box way.

Large Decorative Storage Boxes

I used to think that boxes are all they can be until I stumbled upon a website that sells large decorative storage boxes. They were not only practical but also quite aesthetically impressive so I thought I should consider getting one or two for my knick knacks and old books. Among the benefits of using boxes like these is that you can make the most out of the vertical space you have at home.

These boxes can be stacked in such a way that they look like a very lovely fort. The designs range from floral to sea shells, psychedelic, and even pictures of cartoon characters. The possibilities are endless as far as their decorative value is concerned and the choice depends on your preferences.

Durable Materials

Among the top benefits of using large storage boxes is that they are incredibly strong and durable. The materials used in manufacturing every box are carefully chosen so that they come out light but very resilient. This means that you can spend some money on a few boxes and never have to worry about storage again because all there is to do is find a corner for them to stand on.

Other Uses

I have a few of these at home and one of them is my absolute favorite because it serves as storage as well as a coffee table. People hardly ever notice that it is not an actual table and those who do can only marvel at the genius of it.

Tips in Buying

If you are in the market for large decorative storage boxes, always look for choices in more than one store or website. I personally make it a point to compare prices as well since it is always a good thing when we are able to save money in any purchase we make.

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Decorative Storage Boxes

Long gone are the days when the old shabby cardboard box is the only option we have for storage. The creative minds of decoraters and designers have turned the tables around. Do you have back issues of your favorite magazines you want to store? How about a sleek black metal decorative storage box to match your modern office?
Or, you could choose a metal box with a hinged lid and a cushion on top for sitting when the box is not in use. Or you could go the extended version of this idea and arrange a whole series of these boxes around your coffee table and have endless storage that doesn’t effect the looks of your living area.
Do you have a five year old toddler that keeps his room cluttered with toys and small articles like crayons, cars, balls and candy? How about a decorative box with flowers or princess crowns or a baseball themed box? This would add dynamic color to the room and tidy it up at the same time.
Most of us remain annoyed with endless piles of paperwork and odd files in the office. Relieve yourself of this torment by purchasing some cheap plastic boxes with lids that have space to to label the files in an organized matter for easy access later.
These decorative storage boxes are made out of all different materials and come in an array of colors and designs.
So whatever your need or taste is, decorative storage boxes are the new modern and chic way of storage.
So, you want to update your storage needs but you have already spent a chunk of money on numerous brown cardboard storage boxes, what do you do now? Get creative and make your own. Even the kids can have fun helping. Gather up your current storage boxes regardless of shapes and sizes. Look through old pictures, magazines and coloring books and cut out some images that you like. You can choose flowers, boats, even your favorite actor. Lay out every image you choose and glue them to the box. Cover it with decoupage glue and using a damp rag smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. Put it in a safe place and let it dry overnight. When it is dry sand the top layer of glue off to give it a matte finish. Your decorative storage box is now finished. Congratulations, you are on your way to having a stylish home.

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Making Clutter Pretty With Decorative Boxes

There are many uses for decorative boxes with lids. Immediately it can be seen how they would look great in a room and set off a decorating theme. But, if the extra space they offer inside is utilized, they lend some much needed extra storage space as well.

There is a decorative box to fit into the design of every room in the home. Unlike baskets, the lids of these boxes keep the contents safe and concealed making them the perfect space to store any number of items inside.

In the bathroom, adding a few decorative boxes with lids frees up much needed counter and drawer space and also helps to keep everything clutter-free. A stack of boxes can store items such as, cotton balls and swabs, a nail polish collection with manicure implements, spare razors or blades, lotions, creams, and all the small items that can cause such disarray when left scattered about.

They also provide benefits in the family room or den. Children’s toys can be stored inside when they are not playing with them. This not only helps the room’s appearance, but also makes it much safer. Who hasn’t skidded when accidently stepping on an unnoticed toy car or doll’s shoe? Arts and crafts supplies can be tucked away when not in use, not only keeping everything out of sight, but also in one convenient place when they are needed.

In the dining room, decorative boxes with lids look great when placed atop a buffet or serving table. Some styles are large enough, that they make a great accent stacked in a corner of the room. These boxes are great places to store cloth napkins, tablecloths, seasonal centerpieces, and many other items that there seems to not be space for in the drawers of the room’s traditional storage pieces.

If there is a cook in the family, it is certain that decorative boxes can be found storing many things in the kitchen as well. Sitting atop the counter, inside will be found – recipe cards, grocery shopping rewards, small packets of spices, cookie cutter sets, and a variety of other handy items.

In all rooms of a home, decorative storage boxes with lids can be the clever and pretty solution to a number of storage issues. Available for purchase in many styles, materials, sizes, and design options, there is a set for every taste to suit any décor.

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Function Meets Beauty: Pretty Storage Boxes

You can’t find anything on your desk. Your kitchen counters overflow with small items and papers, making it difficult to even cook. The top of your closet looks like a tornado hit it. You haven’t had time to put all those photos in albums, so you have 500 pictures tossed in a shoe box. What can you do? Get some pretty storage boxes that will be functional, and pleasing to the eye.

Decorative Storage boxes are versatile because they come in all sorts of sizes, are stackable, and have lids to keep your items safe and dust free. Many have areas on the front to place labels, so you can keep them organized. They are great for recipe cards, photos, important papers, small desk items, seasonal clothing, CD’s or DVD’s, and anything else you can’t find a good spot for. Pretty storage boxes look great on top of cabinets, on a dresser, in a closet, on your desk, in a cubbyhole, or can be slid under beds.

Most hobby or department stores have them, and there are numerous websites from which you can purchase decorative storage boxes. They come in a variety of colors and styles. You can vary size, color, and pattern to make a dramatic design statement, or use solid colors for a more classic look.

You will pay extra for already decorated storage boxes. This may be worth it to you if you don’t have time or confidence in your crafting skills. The project may be too time consuming for you to be worth it, especially if you need many of them, or multiple sizes. However, if you have the time and the desire to make custom storage boxes, it’s a relatively easy DIY project.

You can start with something as simple and inexpensive as a shoebox. Plain plastic or cardboard storage boxes can be purchased for a low cost as well. Gather fabric, ribbon, and any other small decorative items you like to embellish your pretty storage boxes. You can also use felt, instead of fabric, to line the boxes. DIY websites and crafting blogs are great resources to give you ideas for your project. There are simple, no-sew methods, and more complex patterns that involve sewing and precise cutting. If you don’t want to use fabric, you could purchase a box in a solid color, and hot glue items on to spice it up.

Whether your pretty storage boxes are purchased or made, they will be an eye-catching, smart solution to your daily storage needs.

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Large Decorative Boxes With Lids

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Large decorative boxes with lids have many uses. You can store memorabilia, important papers and documents, saved letters and cards and a whole host of things. The best part is that they look nice, so they can be stored on shelves and on top of cabinets and other areas where they can be seen.

The shapes of the decorative boxes are varied. Some boxes are rectangular, some are square, others have very unique shapes, but they all have lids. Some boxes have toggle closures, while others have metal clasps which makes the items inside more securely stored. The lid will not open unless it is unfastened.

Large decorative boxes with lids can be used to create visual interest in a room. They are especially beautiful when displayed in homes which have a country theme or a relaxed decor. Floral boxes is varying shapes and sizes displayed on top of bureaus, inside non-working fireplaces in stacks and distributed randomly on top of table tops and on shelves create a soft welcoming feel in a room.

They can be used to store keepsakes as well. That trophy you received for winning the spelling bee in the third grade or the ribbon you won for winning the sprint on track team, or the love note your first love interest sent you in sixth grade can all be stored in large decorative boxes with lids. If you traveled to Spain and bought some castanets, they would hardly fit in a scrapbook, but they would fit in a decorative box. Having some place to safely store you keepsakes will make it easier to find them when you are looking for them. It will also make it easier to stroll down memory lane from time to time with so many pieces of memorabilia in one place.

You may simply be a very colorful person. If you run a home business or a small business, you may be able to use large decorative boxes to store your files and other important documents. When you call the shots, no one can dictate what type of storage you utilize. If patterns satisfy your taste, use patterned boxes.

Boxes of all sorts have uses in most homes and small businesses. Large decorative boxes with lids allow stacking and safe keeping; two very useful characteristics. You can stack them on a bureau or in a closet. They can be displayed in the open because their contents are concealed allowing for privacy. They have multiple uses and they are beautiful and varied in size and shape. What more could you ask from a decorative accent.

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Decorative Storage Boxes

Storage options are really vital in keeping the house organized and clean. Most homes already have pantries and store rooms to put away things like brooms, cleaning solutions, vacuums, shoes, bed sheets, toys and a whole plethora of things that need to be stored. But often these storage spaces become too cluttered and finding what you need from them becomes a daunting task. For families that have pets and kids, it is really quite difficult to maintain your home without storage boxes that help in not only separating things but also make it easy for kids to put away their stuff and keep things clean and organized.

A really good idea is to go for decorative storage boxes with lids. These boxes are available in the market with a lot of variety, from flowered patterned ones to snap on lids to smaller ones with lots of compartments, these boxes are available at almost all home stores and large supermarkets, so you are bound to find something that is the right color and size for your storage needs. One of my personal favorites is the large sized wooden storage boxes that resemble treasure chests with intricate carvings and a steel lock. These boxes serve as great storage options as they have ample space for a variety of things and look really nice in the living room or bedrooms as they have such a great look and add to the interior decor.

Softer decorative storage boxes with lids look good in rooms and can be placed in washrooms, closets and bedrooms to store lingerie or for laundry. I find these really helpful as they get rid of the clutter that I often used to find in my daughters room and it is much easier to figure what needs to be washed. Smaller, cardboard decorative boxes are really good for storing away stickers, craft paper and other odds and ends used for scrapbooking or to store away extras like jewelry or nail polish bottles, lipsticks and manicure items that are constantly going missing and clutter drawers, making them messy.

Decorative storage boxes are also great for storing things in the kitchen pantry. I have quite a collection of recipes that I keep in one of these decorative boxes made of sea grass by the counter and it often gets quite a lot of compliments. So if you are looking to de-clutter your home, go for these boxes and if you have kids label them to make it easy for them to stay organized too.

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